A Ticket To Nowhere

Paroles / Lyrics :

Dead on time at the Camden station,

from the block to the city,
time is boring and routine.

No one guess what the meaning of life,
do the job you are made for,
keep on spinning the wheel …

Someone upon the surface is getting a new house,
we try to get by …
But right under the surface you meet only blank stare … well, well

My life is going to nowhere,
because I’m already there.
I got a ticket to nowhere.

Back to time when the human were human,
right away!

Back to time when the music was music,
right away!

Tell your mamma we are so many boys
from nowhere.
We are living in a minefield by your side …

Musique : Denis Diaz
Paroles : Denis Diaz
Arrangements : Denis Diaz et Vincent Diaz
Enregistrements et mixage : Vincent Diaz
© 2021 DIAZ OFF

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