Hollywood Suicide

Paroles / Lyrics :

Time, is running out anytime.
Don’t be long, I’ve been waiting for so long.
shine, a melody in the sky.
Anyway, you bless me, show me the way …

I wanna be your slave,
hollywood suicide
I wanna be your slave

Kind, i know that I must be kind.
Would you smile?
My whole kingdom for a smile.

You’re flirting with the devil, like a shadow,
Jeckyll and mrs Hyde,
Holly holly hollywood suicide.

Mine, all mine
hollywood is a crime.
Like a dream,
my fantasy on the screen …

Holly holly hollywood suicide.

Musique : Denis Diaz
Paroles : Denis Diaz
Arrangements : Denis Diaz et Vincent Diaz
Enregistrements et mixage : Vincent Diaz
© 2020 DIAZ OFF

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