Rise Up And Go

Paroles / Lyrics :

I ain’t no fool,

let me check the wheel rolling in my head.

I’m waiting for the sun, that never came in.

Maybe one day …

No low, no rule.

Have a look, have a look at the top of the line.

Uptown baby boys, pretend to know

the dream you need.

Rise up, rise up and go

Not easy now

you could say no!

But the homeless man is haunting you life.

Part-time human beings, reveal the chaos,

reveal who’s the boss .

Rise up, rise up and go

Not easy now

They freak me out,

lucky me, lucky me I’m still on the run.

I should say goodbye, but I say hello!

Rise up and go go go 

Musique : Denis Diaz
Paroles : Denis Diaz
Arrangements : Denis Diaz et Vincent Diaz
Enregistrements et mixage : Vincent Diaz
© 2021 DIAZ OFF