She Makes Me Wonder

Paroles / Lyrics :

do you really want to make me feel

you get me real, you know me better

push me to the edge, there is no deal

swallow the pill and we go further.

set me free out of my shell

even if you make my life as hell.

you make me wonder x2

she makes me wonder

stupid, cupid make the world go round

i don’t like the sound

too many scary faces on tv

they exhausted me

we gonna get up and down

the world is upside down

we gonna get up and down …

can you bring me to a better day

keep me away the next disaster

let me touch your body, stop to say

“no way ! ” , don’t look for anger.

put your hand upon my shoulder

and let the world just to get older ( without us )

you make me wonder etc…

tricky situation all around

lying on the ground

sooner or later we gonna pay the bill

think about it make me thrill x2

Musique : Denis Diaz
Paroles : Denis Diaz
Arrangements : Denis Diaz et Vincent Diaz
Enregistrements et mixage : Vincent Diaz
© 2021 DIAZ OFF