Stay Tuned

Paroles / Lyrics :

Life is getting worse,

does anybody realize?

We never get off the ground, that’s what I mean …

Is it really worth?

To make a deal a compromise.

When everybody all around,

thinks you’re such a loser, such a dreamer

such a bummer …

No matter what you gonna do,

you’re standing by the wall of shame X 2

So catch me if you can. Stay tuned !

Catch me if you can …

I’m calling from the inside, stay tuned !

Catch me if you can …

Life is getting worse,

shut up and pay the price.

A coffee and a little wink, that’s what I miss …

Is it really worth?

A man-made paradise.

So I fix myself a drink, that’s what I need …

Just gimme a break !

Musique : Denis Diaz
Paroles : Denis Diaz
Arrangements : Denis Diaz et Vincent Diaz
Enregistrements et mixage : Vincent Diaz
© 2021 DIAZ OFF